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You would need 3 independent sites / datarooms to spread your voting disks.
The third voting disk can be placed on a standard nfs volume, but if this nfs 
server is located in one of the datarooms where the rac nodes are, then you 
would still not be protected against a general power failure in that dataroom.

Apart from that, my experience with extended rac clusters is that they make it 
more important to functionally partition the applications running on it to 
avoid a potential bottleneck on the interconnect.

When using ASM, you can specify in 11g for each rac node the preferred san to 
read from.


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Hello Gurus,
Has anyone implemented extended RAC, please let me know the pro's and con's and 
any useful links would be really helpful.We are in the process of finalizing 
proposal to implement extended RAC.
Thanks in Advance

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