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Explain to me, systematically, all the workings of sub-atomic physics.
Explain the make-up of space/time foam. You can't, I can't, nobody can. It
all depends is far from trivial, but rather it acknowledges an important
truth: You can not know all things. Your point was quite clear, and also
quite incorrect. Often, due to lack of instrumentation or due to the
complete inability to measure or *understand* a set of unknowns or
semi-knowns. Ceteris Paribus is used to rule out certain conjectures and
theories. Indeed it is *central* to any effort made.

Ceteris Paribus does not rule out a systematic approach to explaining
negative results, rather it is central to that systematic approach.

>> Oh reputed author, who is asinine? Who was harsh
>> against Roby when he did some work during his breaks, instead of
>> seeking clarifications which is part of any evaluation?
Oh dear... reputed? You elevate me sir. I am reputed now, I must go tell my
wife and children! Reputed, I've always wanted to be reputed! When will I be
interviewed on Good Morning America now that I am reputed? This is what
happens to reputed people isn't it...? (ok, perhaps not reputed Oracle
authors, I've yet to see Jonathan or Cary on GMA). When do I get my check
for being reputed?

I am not reputed, I am simply someone who tries to share a little bit of
knowledge here and there. I am wrong and I am right, and I do not suppose I
know everything. My image and likeness does not appear anywhere on Mount
Oracle. That is reserved for the truly great ones. I am just a lowly author
who tries to make a difference. Who likes to write and hopes to put that to
the benefit of others. I am one who loves my fellow man, who hopes to do
some good in the world, but who is also, quite honestly and forthrightly,
short on patience.

I did not call you asinine, I called your *point* asinine. Perhaps a harsh
word, but I thought it fit. Yet, now you want to call me Asinine? If you
thought I was hurling personal accusations directly at you, then I apologize
and want to be clear that was not my intent. If you thought that I was
saying that you were drop dead, 100%, totally, without question or
exception, absolutely, altogether, comprehensively, conclusively, en masse,
exhaustively, fully, in all, in entirety, in toto, painstankly, perfectly,
quite solidly, totally, unabrigedly, unconditionally, utterly, and fully w r
o n g... Then you got my point.

And... I was never harsh against Roby.

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The difference lies in the systematic way of explaining negative
cases. If one is not explaining systematically, it is part of
degenerative research program, if I were to use that word coined by a
philosopher of science, Late Imre Lakatos. Even though two competing
research programs explain negative cases, one that does systematically
wins: these debates are part and parcel of the history and philosophy
of natural sciences. I was simply pointing out that "It all depends"
is a trivial answer. Oh reputed author, who is asinine? Who was harsh
against Roby when he did some work during his breaks, instead of
seeking clarifications which is part of any evaluation?

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