RE: Duplicate DBIDs

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 08:28:34 -0800

DBID is different from DB name in the controlfile.

The only potential problem is RMAN and the fact that it will not let you
register databases with the same DBID in the same catalog.

It is easy to change the DBID.  Look for the 'nid' or dbnewid utility in 9i
and 10g.  Also I believe more recent versions of RMAN can fix the DBID.

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You are already going through the edit on the controlfile.  Why not just
rename the database at the same time?
If not someone will surely mess up your production database, thinking
they are connected to the test version.

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We have had a practice at our site of creating development and staging
databases by copying a cold backup to another system. We then edit the
output from "backup controlfile to trace" to rename the
database and relocate the data files and restart
the database with the resulting script.  This means that a number of our
databases, mostly on different machines, have the same DBID. So far this
has not caused us any problems.  Are we running any risks here?


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