"Dual-Core" CPUs & the future of software licensing

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  • Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 10:06:47 -0400

Not just and Oracle Licensing issue...this effects many vendors.
>>"Multicore chips place two or more CPUs on a single piece of silicon..."

I'm not a huge hardware guy, but on the Enterprise side of things...I have 
worked with Oracle/IBM at three clients now.
If I'm not mistaken hasn't IBM but doing the "more than two cores on the die" 
for a while now!?...Far as I know, NO software vendor has made stink about IBM 
"Dual-Core" processors?

Your thoughts?

AMD Demos Dual-Core Athlon 64   Feb. 23, 2005
The latest shoe to drop in the race toward multicore technology came today from 
AMD, which says it has demonstrated a working dual-core version of its Athlon 
64 desktop processor.
By Alexander Wolfe 

Intel To Unveil Dual-Core Pentiums On Monday   April 15, 2005           
The ship date for Intel's first-ever dual core processors and chipsets is timed 
to coincide with the official 40th anniversary of Moore's Law.
By Alexander Wolfe 

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA


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