RE: Does (block)Size really matter?

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Thanks for all your help!

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Smith, Ron L. wrote:

>I have a process that sends data through a dblink to an intermediate=20
>database and then on to another database.  The first database is=20
>blocked at 4096, the second is at 8192, the third at 8192.  Response is

>slow (5000 rows in 1.5 hours.  Could the difference in block size be a=20
> =20
Ron, I am unaware of any SQL command named "SEND".  Define "SEND". Are=20
you executing remote
procedure,  inserting in a remote table or testing  CPIP protocol=20
(Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol)?
Is there a way to see the events you are waiting on? The word "slow" =20
usually means that you are waiting
on something. Without having the exact timings and analysis, I have to=20
use tea leaves from my Earl Grey
teabags. They tell me that you are waiting on Messiah's second coming=20
and that's bound to be slow.
I'll have to buy Sir Winston's , they seem to be better for prophecies.=20
Of course, the classic method
is using laurel leaves, fall in trance and then utter a prophecy. That=20
used to be known as Said Quixotically on
Laurel or SQL, for short.

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
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