Re: Docs, Links, Good Books on Performance with RAC 10.2 / Solaris 10 ?

  • From: "Zhu,Chao" <zhuchao@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: VIVEK_SHARMA <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 21:56:50 +0800

If single instance can suffer from this, so does RAC. RAC can only make the
problem worse not better.  It is mainly from dispatcher CPU overhead, the
oracle dispatcher is much worse than the Solaris OS scheduler.

I don't have much document talking about tuning on RAC.  Basicly if you tune
fine for single instance, RAC is the same, just pay attention to the data
partition, which oracle claims it is not needed any longer compared to OPS.

On 8/30/06, VIVEK_SHARMA <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Zhu Chao for the info.

1 Question - If you mean CPU usage DOUBLED when using Shared Servers with

A basic Qs – Is setting up shared servers for RAC similar to it's setup
for single instance (NON-RAC) ?

Any Good Docs, Links, Books, metalink Doc IDs, Pointers to Oracle
Documentation for Performance with RAC?

I will periodically send e-mails on our progress though the benchmark is
tentatively planned to start after about 1 month.




-- Regards Zhu Chao

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