Do you have much experience with "activeversion" not being at the right level?

  • From: "Tyfanie Wineriter" <tyfaniew@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 12:55:00 -0700

Good Afternoon all,

I have been struggling with a difficult situation for a couple months now,
and I was wondering if anyone on this list has seen anything similar and
what worked (or didn't work) for them.

In January, I upgraded our clusters Grid Infrastructure from to   On one production cluster, the upgrade went perfectly.
Unfortunately, on my last 4-node production cluster, ASM crashed in the
middle of it, on all 4 nodes, and it would not come up with 2 separate
versions.  This required Oracle Support, who had me shut down the 2 upgraded
11202 nodes & do the last 2 11201 nodes alone.  I did this, and checked the
releaseversion after every one, and it looked successful.  The cluster ran
out of the new 11202 Grid_Home and that's how we've run since January.

That is, it *looked* successful, until I tried to install the 11202 Database
client last month.  I then discovered that Node3, though it updated it's
releaseversion, did not complete it's upgrade fully, and thus did not inform
the OCR of what it was at.  My activeversion was never set to 11202, which
is stopping me from installing the 11202 database client.

The grid has run great otherwise, out of the 11202 New_Grid_home, and the
months of doing what Oracle Support suggests (including trying to downgrade
Node3 back to 11201) has not worked, and we are hesitant to make grid-wide
changes (like restoring the OCR to the 3-month-old OCR) when the cluster is
working well otherwise.  

Now for my actual question:
  We have decided to remove the trouble node out of the cluster & then add
it back in.  
  My concern is that just removing it & adding it back in will not upgrade
the activeversion.
  Has anyone done anything like this, when their nodes were out of synch?
What were your results?

Thanks in Advance,

~ Tyfanie Wineriter ~

Database Administrator
University of Oregon


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