RE: {Disarmed} Role transition

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Hi Carel-Jan,

<snip>Now, we have a one-off requirement to switch roles between primary and
the physical standby for couple of days.<snip>

Pardon me, but I think what Carel-Jan was trying to emphasize is that there
is no such thing as a one-off requirement to switch between primary and
standby roles.

If the ability to "fail-over" and "fail-back" is not routinely tested and
practiced, then when an actual need arises you cannot be reasonably certain
it will work, you will not know reasonable bounds on how long it will take,
and you will be at risk to an increased window of accumulated software
change and functionality since your last previous test. This leads to all
manner of unfortunate adventures such as new client applications that were
not integrated with the mechanism to point production connections to the

In a real business continuation situation, the situation cannot be "I think
I'd better do a test."





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