Re: Diff between 11gR2 RAC on one node and Cold failover cluster

  • From: jason arneil <jason.arneil@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hrishys@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 09:35:14 +0000


I think your understanding is broadly correct, the database must not have
the RAC option installed it has to be single instance so you only license
one of the nodes.

The RAC One Node option does include additional features that are not
available to Single instance databases that are protected via clusterware
cold failover.

In particular the online rolling upgrades of the oracle homes of effectively
a single instance database with Rac One Node may be quite attractive.

Also being able to migrate to another machine online seems like a pretty
neat feature - heard that described as Omotion, hmm can't think which
virtualisation technology companies lunch they are trying to eat there.

It seems to me that it would sit in an availability/cost space between a
single instance database and having to license multiple machines.



2009/11/11 hrishy <hrishys@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi
> I am trying to understand the difference between 11gR2 RAC on one node and
> Cold failover cluster .
> The OTN whitepaper on cold failover cluster by Philip Newlan says that
> clusterware can be used to protect a single instance oracle database.
> This implies there is no additional liscensing costs if we have already
> brought Oracle EE .
> But the paper also adds a warning that oracle will not support cold
> failover cluster so i am in a kind of dilemma.
> On the other hand RAC on one node is a extra cost option as i understand it
> on top of EE.
> My question then is
> a)Is my understanding above correct
> b)Anybody out there using cold failover cluster.
> regards
> Hrishikesh

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