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I agree.  Versions change, functionality changes and one needs to keep abreast 
of new features and their use.  Simply because you were good on Oracle 7 
doesn't mean you're still as good with Oracle 11.2.  A "Senior DBA",  to me, 
indicates that person is able, willing and actively working to improve their 
knowledge.  Simple longevity won't do yet there are those in the industry who 
see "Senior DBA" as a final destination, not a launching pad for additional 
education to maintain that level of ability.  I would not want a doctor who 
hasn't taken the time or effort to learn new advances in treatment.  Yet it 
seems employers are satisfied with maintaining the 'status quo' with respect to 
DBAs.  Maybe it's a lack of awareness on the employers part of how complex the 
job can be.

"Senior DBA" isn't a responsibility, it would appear, it's more like a 'status 
symbol'.  I think having that title should be a 'call to acftion', a reason to 
continue one's education rather than a 'final destination'.  Hopefully we can 
change that some day.

My two cents.

David Fitzjarrell

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Yeah I've noticed the same. There's a DBA I know with 12+ years "experience" 
but I still rate him as being junior level although his position is obviously 
Senior DBA now. 

I think a problem with it is that most/all companies almost never demote 
anyone. The worst that ever happens is a stagnant salary or a job role change 
but not going from "Senior DBA" to "DBA" with an appropriate pay cut. I think 
if such demotions were more easily enforced then people would be less likely to 
rest on their laurels for so long.


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The problem is that everyone in the team is already billed as a "senior DBA" 
after one or two years on the job because (understandably) no one is satisfied 
with the "junior DBA" or "DBA" title. Therefore we need inflated titles like 
"top DBA" or "DBA architect" but all they really mean is "truly senior DBA" :-) 

Kindest regards,

Senior DBA
"Been there. Done that."

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Subject: Re: Definition of Top Class DBA
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This has been a great discussion and good learning. 
But the original reason why I asked was,  I kind of get upset when even 
technical DBAs/technical managers say they need Top DBAs. That too me is kind 
of vague. You could be Top DBA where you are but not Top DBA at 'xyz corp'. So 
I would rather post for a job with the skills I am looking for rather than 
putting unneccesaary adjectives.  The  guy/gal who thinks they are 'Top DBAs' 
usually post these postings :)  (other than HR guys of course  and I dont blame 
them because they dont have expertise).

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