RE: Deep Copy a Record

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I take it by "deep copy" you mean the object operation.


Any "deep copy" requires a defined constructor. The reasonable presumption
on an Oracle list if you start talking about Department and Employees is
that you are making a reference to the example database. In that context
Department is a table, not a user defined object with a pre-defined "clone"
constructor. In that context Mr. Bobak is exactly correct.


There is also a pretty long section in the Oracle manuals since 8.0 beta
about what Oracle does and does not handle regarding objects defined in
Oracle. If you want to define and manipulate objects natively in Oracle as
opposed to in an object oriented programming language using an Oracle
database for storage, look there for the release you're at. I don't know
whether there are any experienced users of the native Oracle objects on this
particular list.


As for enhancements, after you digest what is and is not there for objects
defined in Oracle, there are defined enhancement processes available to the
members of IOUG, OAUG, and ODTUG, and if you can join the Oracle Mix forum
you can make suggestions there.







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There must be a good reason why this features is not given.


Is there a place to discuss new features or unavailable features or to put
forward the suggestions?





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Not without writing code, no.


Mark J. Bobak


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