RE: Db Query Tuning

  • From: Sanjay Mishra <smishra_97@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 12:10:08 -0800 (PST)

  Thanks for the email and I had checked Step 2 and 3. Step 2 was showing 
several Idle Events and 70% are  SQL*Message to/from the client, few Rdbms on 
QA where lots of user are trying to run the application executing those 20 
queries. I ran the query manually after I refresh the DB and collected the 
STATS and it worked fine and I got all the results but after few hours it 
starts hanging and then afterward, it has never shown me the same result even I 
bounced the database. As users are trying the stuff again and again and I found 
there are so many session running the same query.
  Some of the hanging queries are having severalsubqueries in single sql and so 
is there any way I can check as what portion it is actually hanging. Like using 
any oradebug or so . I tried to start a SQL session and then put oradebug on it 
and ran the query , but I am not able to see trace file in any destination.
  I don't know if snapshot can help as my Dev environment is totally idle but 
will see if I can get some good understanding from the statspack snapshot.

"Powell, Mark D" <mark.powell@xxxxxxx> wrote:
      Some suggestions
  1- Run a quick (say 5 min) set of statspack snapshots to get a picture of 
what the db is doing
  2- What does v$session_wait show?
  3- Print out the spfile parameters and compare them line for line.  Look for 
differences in PQO, workspace management, optimizer.
  4- If nothing is found using the above look at the disk farm.
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Subject: Db Query Tuning

  I had faced an interesting scenario yesterday when I moved some code from Dev 
to QA and tried to execute the queries, they behaved very differently. QA was 
newly refreshed with the data using Export/Import. I had clalcuated the Stat 
using 9i DBMS_STATS and auto sample size. I had even copied the Stats from dev 
to QA to make sure that stats are same but it still failed. The only difference 
between Dev and QA is that QA might have few more record than Dev as Dev was 
refreshed from Prod one week BAck. Anyway Data will continue to change in 
Production and so I don't think that one week Data change shoudl be an issue. 
There is no Hints been used and all init.ora setting including sga size are 
  I had a script of around 15-20 query and each query is very big about 5-20 
pages. Half of them are working fine while others are hanging. Trace will also 
show that it is running  but I appreciate if you can provide any insight as 
what else can be done, Explain Plan is more or less the same except that their 
sequence are different and I don't understand as why it happen when even Stats 
are new or even copied using dbms_stats.export.. procedure. 
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