RE: Day Light Savings Time in US

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Besides iAS & the database, what about the Java installed on the server for Oracle Apps? Will it have to be patched/upgraded also?


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Yes.   Are you being "proactive"???

 It looks as though any 9i db that uses timestamps or any 10g db will
require the patches (dictionary uses timestamps in 10g).

So far it looks as though the patches will change data too.  All clients
that access these systems will need to be patched so they will be able
to see the timestamps correctly.  It looks as though iAS will require
patching too;.  I'm still looking and will probably see other apps that
will need to be patched as I dig.

My assumption is that the OS will require a patch so Oracle will know
about the change.   This is going to be sooo much fun to try and
coordinate this change across our organization.


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Do you mean this?

Note the lack of responses.   :)   My main question is with the
TIMESTAMP datatypes in the Oracle-supplied schemas.  Not sure how those
are impacted, if at all.




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I just started looking into the Day Light savings changes that will need
to occur in Oracle before April.  Both databases and clients will need
to be changed if they are v9.x and especially 10.x.  I haven't gotten
far enough to see if any OS patches will need to occur.

Has anyone one the list started digging into it yet?   I

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