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If you're using real time apply and just want to check if DG is out of sync,
here is a quick SQL:
Suppose 'dest_id=2' is your standby and any rows returned will mean standby
is out of sync.

select thread#,max(sequence#) from v\$archived_log
   where dest_id=2 and applied='YES'
   group by thread# 
 select thread#,max(sequence#) from v\$archived_log
   where dest_id=2 and archived='YES'
   group by thread#;


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we use ZABBIX to monitor our database with custom scripts. when the lag 
is 15 mins or more i get a SMS and email.
. /home/oracle/.profile_db01
cd /home/oracle/zabbix
sqlplus -s /nolog @check_log.sql

connect / as sysdba

set pagesize 0;
set heading off;
set feedback off
set trimspool on;

select to_char(max(next_time), 'rrrr-mm-dd-hh24:mi:ss') next_time
   from v$archived_log
  where upper(applied) = 'YES'
    and registrar = 'RFS';


Hope this Helps

On 10/5/2010 8:09 AM, Howard Latham wrote:
> Anyone point me in the right direction for an 11g Linux Script to
> monitor Dataguard lag?
> I have googled and looked on oracle Support.
> -- 
> Howard A. Latham
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