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In short you need a tool like Designer 2000 to do this, which will "reverse
engineer" your database and then present you with a set of object
definitions in its own repository, that you can then use to produce
diagrammes. Designer 2000 is essentially a dead product, JDesigner is taking
over, but I have no idea if JDesigner has these capabilities. But there are
other products out there, like ERWin, that do this kind of thing. Another
issue can be the support for the database features you are using, for
instance Designer 2000 does not support hash partitioned or composite
partitioned or list partitioned tables.



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Hi :) 

I am trying to get a detail schematic of my schema
"dev" in oracle database.

This database schematic should show all the
table,relation,trigger,......etc... in Diagram form.

Does oracle provide this Schematic in a Diagram form.

Your help is very much appreciated.



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