RE: Database Control licensing question

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 09:31:49 -0700

Yes, the database console is still useful w/o any of the packs, but you
will definitely lose a lot of functionality.  For example, like Paul
alluded too - the entire "Performance" tab/page is greyed-out if you
deselect the Diagnostics Pack (to do this - click Setup in the top-right
corner, then click Management Pack Access on the left menu; you can
toggle access to the packs at anytime).  This is a good way to see
exactly what you gain/lose with/out the packs.  Also keep in mind that
it's NOT only the DB Console access you lose w/o licensing the
Diagnostics Pack, but you also lose access to the views and packages,
i.e. you aren't even allowed to SELECT from the dba_hist_*
v$active_session_history views.  This is all covered in the
documentation here:
and here:


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        You can use Database Control without licensing the packs, but,
as it was explained to me, you venture into Packs territory pretty much
the minute you start to drill down on any of the
performance/diagnostic/configuration links, so as a practical matter
it's difficult to do.  I think the manual on licensing gives the

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