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There are generally four different ways you can accomplish this and they
have nearly the same production outage footprint during the cut over. The
are either physical replication with varying degrees of reorg capabilities
and logical/data replication.

1. Storage Replication: Prebuild RAC/ASM and storage replicate the devices
(SRDF etc depending on our hardware). This however requires that you match
the devices. I also requires that you have the ability to do a consistent
split of the mirrors in a manner that simulates a node failure (example EMC
SRDF with consistency groups)

2. RMAN: restore the database and keep it in sync with production until the
cut over time.

3. Data Guard/Standby: Set up data guard and effect a switch over/failover
in a manner that avoids data loss.

4. Exp/Imp: Export import or Data Pump. Some of my colleagues also did this
between ASM instances. I suspect you could also use dbms_file_transfer.

I have done all four of these for several data center consolidations and the
choice depends on whether you are reorganizing storage, size of the database
being moved, time available for the move.

In all these cases you can use the crs and srvctl commands to register the

Depending on your connectivity methods (TNSNAMES, ONAMES, LDAP/OID) you can
change the VIP. The only ones that tend to get affected are JDBC thin
drivers and the applications thereof (example BEA Weblogic) and that again
depends on how the application is configured.

The only problem I encountered (only once) is in the RMAN move where when I
replaced the control file with the production control file it complained of
some files being out of date (I suspect this is due to a mismatch in
checkpointing but was never able to reproduce it so will chalk that one up
to user error).

Krish Hariharan
Database Architect
Quasar Database Technologies, LLC

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We are consolidating data centers and need to move a couple of Oracle
databases, including a 3 node production RAC.  This will  require
changing the IP address of every machine that is moved.

I am opening an SR with Oracle, but real world pointers / tips /
gotcha's / how-to's etc. on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Oracle versions are, (RAC) and 10.2.01 on Red Hat
Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 1)
(and yes, once the machines are moved we plan to upgrade Oracle)


Angel Tirone
Database Administrator III
J Craig Venter Institute
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