RE: DROP LMT TBS internals.

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oops. I didn't mean a Wolfgang (10053), I meant 10046.


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I'm not sure what would hold up dropping an LMT tablespace other than
dictionary operations on the names of the objects in the LMT. In the case of
LMTs, I'm not sure whether extra work is avoided by taking the tablespace
off-line and using offline drop including contents. That should, however,
short circuit transactions from interfering with the dictionary actions on
the objects in the tablespace, so if you offline the tablespace first and
then drop it you should be able to isolate where the wait is between
references to the segments in the tablespace and the mechanics of the drop
itself. I've never Wolfganged a drop tablespace (I did truss one long ago
but that was dictionary and before 10046 was available, and the output was
too long to analyze usefully.) I would think the operation in lieu of
segment reference interference would be so short that it wouldn't be worth
detailed research. Since you're having an actual problem, maybe it is

Now if you really are looking for a metric on progress similar to watching
uet$ or fet$ for dictionary managed spaces, I suppose that if you count from
dba_segments where the storage is that tablespace you should see the count
drop. Of course that metric might slow down the operation.



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Hello List,

If I am dropping a LMT Tablespace and it takes a long time, how can I know
that the process is running, not hanged. Can anyone let me know what are
the internal functionality of drop tablespace. I know that we can check
fet$ for DMT TBS, how about LMT TBS?

Best Regards,

Syed Jaffar Hussain

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