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This depends on the version of the database on the driving site.
If your driving site runs 8i, ALL of the data will be brought back
and filtered locally. In 9i, the behavior is that single table 
access predicates that can be resolved remotely, are resolved 
remotely. Oracle 10g uses gridlock method for remote execution.
Just kidding, haven't actually tried with 10.

Mladen Gogala
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> Mladen,
>       My experience is somewhat different from yours.  In the 
> case of "FROM EMP@LINK WHERE EMPNO = 1234" I have found that 
> the local database will pass that along to the remote 
> database for resolution since there will definelty be one and 
> only one row returned.  Now "FROM EMP@LINK WHERE EMPNO > 
> 1234" would also resolve itself on the remote db, but "FROM 
> dept a, EMP@LINK b WHERE a.empno = b.empno and b.EMPNO > 
> 1234" will result in emp becoming a local temp table.

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