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I don't know...thought about it, never cared to investigate, never
*needed* to know.
But what is Oracle algorithm for disbursing data amongst available

I do know that in every shop I've been, if someone (more experienced
DBA) accidentally adds a datafile they would just resize it to very
small size...the inexperienced DBA (I've done it too) drops that
datafiile leaving a hole.

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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        I guess you are trying to do some load-balansinag and the 5
datafiles are on diferent storage groups? Because I cannot think of
another case when datafile matters.
        So I *think* is is possible to track down the datafile by rowid,
but is is quite hard work. But even if you find out where do you insert,
you do not have _any_ control over this. And since it is only for
looking purposes, you may use v$filestat.


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> I have a doubt. Plz do reply. We have an Oracle 10g R1 db running
> we have 5 datafiles of 2 gb each. Now we use Oracle Forms as front
> Now as the daily transactions carry on i want to know how the data is 
> stored in the database? I mean in which file out of the 5. Is it done 
> randomly?
> Is there any query r method to find out in which datafile the data is 
> stored.
> All the files r online.    ???
> Plz do reply
> Thank You
> Imran Mohajir
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