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This is going to sound like a stupid question but why are you going to use
Cygwin at all?  I understand that 'nix scripts are already written/debugged
and that's the environment that most oracle people are used to but why place
another layer of software in the stack as opposed to taking the opportunity
to assimilate how to do things in the windows environment into your
development/DBA lexicon?  Does using Cygwin provide something besides ease
of using the existing tools?  


(to paraphrase Robert Freeman from earlier today "Please $diety, don't let
this make me look too stupid and clueless") 


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It seems the windows servers are going to proliferate here. (sigh)


There are a number of you that are regularly using Cygwin on windows

servers so as to have a decent scripting and cmd line environment.


While I have used Cygwin casually on my own laptop for use with

Oracle, I have never made serious use of it.


If you have any tips to offer (ie. hard learned lessons) for using Cygwin

it would be appreciated.  If I learn enough I can consolidate it into

a blog entry.


Some examples of what I am looking for:


How do you set up the PATH?  (linux style or DOS style directories in PATH?)


Any tricks to setting up the Oracle ENV variables?





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