RE: Cursor sharing failures

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Deep, it looks like you've discovered one of the Prime Evils of webdesign --
The Frame <shudder>.  The link you posted is for the Metalink "My Headlines"
page and not the frame containing the MetaLink article.  Could you post the
Doc ID please?  

It's probably a good idea NOT to post the entire article, as I'm sure Oracle
Support wouldn't appreciate it.


Rich Jesse                        System/Database Administrator
rich.jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      QuadTech, Sussex, WI USA

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Subject: Cursor sharing failures

Hi all,
I was trying to decipher a trc file generated due to a deadlock scenario on
my box .I am faced with lot many 
Dumping cursor sharing failures: 4000
though the values differ. I tried searching the meatlink for "cursor sharing
failures" and I ended up with this 
I could put the entire post as it will be bounced.I am at loss can you guys
give me some pointers links on this.
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