RE: Critical restore issue with Veritas

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A couple more things to add to this topic:

What you were attempting to do typically goes by one of the following
names: "cross host/node restore", "alternate host/node restore" or
"redirected restore" and it requires special configuration for Netbackup
to allow this.  For details, see Metalink Notes 183061.1 & 209117.1 and
the following Veritas doc: 

Regarding the logs Jermemiah mentioned below, there is also a verbose
setting that can be very helpful in troubleshooting these problems.  On
Unix systems, there is a file called bp.conf, usually found in
/usr/openv/netbackup.  This is a plain text files with a few simple
configuration lines like the netbackup SERVER and CLIENT names, and
optionally you can add a line like VERBOSE=5, which will cause netbackup
to write MUCH more detail to the logs.  This can be very helpful for
troubleshooting, but be sure to remove the line, or lower the verbose
level (to 3 or lower) for normal operation or else it can slow things
down and fill up your disk.


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Netbackup logs into a variety of log files in
Your best bet to get the real reason for failure is to look in those

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