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I'm not 100% sure what you are questioning then, but hopefully this
helps. When you create a database via duplication it gets it own new
DBID because it is a new unique database. When you create a standby
database via duplication it retains the same DBID as the primary
(target) because essentially it is a physical copy of that database and
must stay that way. The RMAN catalog identifies a database by the DBID,
so therefore you do not have to register the standby. This is because
the standby can become the primary at any time and vice-versa.


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Can anyone else clarify this entry in the documentation? The part I am
questioning is the "not register" statement. This is in the appendix F
Creating a Standby Database with Recovery Manager

"A standby database, unlike a duplicate database created by DUPLICATE
without the FOR STANDBY OPTION, does not get a new DBID. Thus, you
should not register the standby database with your recovery catalog."


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