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 On a UNIX platform where you make each look like the initial install
server I would think you could get away with copying the $ORACLE_HOME
and the appropriate related files stored in other locations such as
/etc, /var/opt/oracle, etc... Depending on the platform.  You will have
to fix oratab and perhaps make some other editing adjustments.

But the name of the home directory and all other locations better be the
same or the Oracle inventory file is going to be out of sync.  If
nothing else that will create problems going forward.

This gets more complicated if you use some other Oracle products such as
IAS since it is node and ip address aware.

You also have a problem on Windows platforms because of the regisitry.

Have they considered creating a scripted install?

Just some thoughts on the subject.
-- Mark D Powell --

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Hi Folks,

I have a customer that is building new ORACLE_HOMEs by copying over the
appropriate trees and modifying all the necessary files.  They are
having stability problems with 10g, and Oracle is now claiming that the
only supported way to make an ORACLE_HOME is through the OUI.  Is anyone
here currently making new ORACLE_HOMEs by copying from another one, and
have you ever had any support issues doing that?

The whole thing smells to me like Oracle has no idea and is grabbing at
straws, but I would like to get people's opinions.  Feel free to email
me off-list if you'd rather not publicize your possibly illicit

Thanks much,

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