RE: Converting from PostgreSQL to Oracle???

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        Text fields depend a lot on what's in them.  For the most part
they should convert into VARCHAR2(4000) with ease.  Serial columns
convert to integer or number(38)'s.  Booleans have no good conversion to
Oracle.  The best would be a number(1) where 0 =3D FALSE & 1 =3D TRUE, =
but a
char(1) (T,F) would work also.

        You'll probably find WinSQL from Synametrix
( very helpful.
It has an export feature that allows you to query a PostGreSQL table &
then export the data to Oracle.

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Hey Everyone,

I've been given a rather exciting project on which to work.=3D20
Management wants to look at migrating one of our large in house
developed systems from PostgreSQL to Oracle.  Does anyone know of any
good sites with help on this type of conversion?  Also, does anyone
have any advice they can offer up?

Here is what we have:
~200 Postgresql DB's running between 5 systems (all schemas are the
same, 1 db per customer)
DB's run from a ~100MB to ~100GB.

Any advice on how to go about this?

We have a lot of text, serial, and boolean columns that don't appear
to map cleanly over to Oracle.  What have some of you done in the past
conveting these type of columns?

We are looking at either 9i (which we currenly have in house), or 10g
for the Oracle server version.



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