RE: Configure IIS connection?

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I am nor sure but I am guessing that IIS wants the Oracle OLE drivers and on 
the last 9i cleint installation I did OLE is not installed as part of the 
default runtime.  You have to go back and do a custom install and check the 
Windows components to get the Oracle OLE driver.  With the 11g client I 
installed to use with SQL Server 2008 R2 I also had to do a non-default install 
to get the OLE pieces.

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A colleague is configuring MS IIS on a Win2008 server (64 bit). Installed 
Oracle client and confirmed that the client can connect to the 

IIS keeps giving the message "provider not found - may not be properly 

We have done this before on Win2003 server (32 bit) and the Oracle 9i client.

Any suggestions appreciated,

Dennis Williams

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