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  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 10:07:16 -0700

I have a system we set up exactly that way because we needed the redo 
thoughput; wasting space was not a huge issue.  The problem is these SAN arrays 
don't come with smaller drives :)

It depends on requirement - have you got a feel for IO/s or any redo stats?  
Even with this approach you can serialize on the internal emc write queue for a 
single drive in the raid1 set unless it is striped.  If you go with this 
approach, have the emc drives set to use only the outer tracks which have a 
higher thoughput...


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    Subject: Configuration of the SAN
    We are trying to do a good configuration of our SAN.
    Let's see that exemple.
    EMC, with disk of 146G.
    - one LUN of RAID-5 for data (4+1 disks = 534G)
    - one LUN of RAID-5 for index (4+1 disks = 534G)
    Here is my question, about redo logs
    - one LUN of RAID-1 for redo group 1 (2 disks mirroired = 146G)
    - one LUN of RAID-1 for redo group 2 (2 disks mirroired = 146G)
    - one LUN of RAID-1 for my archived log files (2 disks mirroired = 146G)
    I will have a filesystem of 146G to store my redo group of 2G .... what a 
    Same thing for my redo group 2 and my archived log files ...
    What is your LUN configuration regardinf redo log groups and archived
    log files ?
    Thank you
    Luc Demanche
    Oracle DBA
    (514) 867-9977


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