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Well we've run straight into a generational difference between modern
"operational" DBAs and DBAs of years past when experienced developers were
chosen to become database administrators and supply the development surgical
team (see Brooks, Man-month, Mythical) with a data model (be it network,
Codasyl, IMF, Cobol identifications, PL/I structures, or relational [since
1969 in theory, about 1973 in practice with the development of DaTaSyS, W,
R, and what-have-you and the public release of Oracle in 1977]).

Now I guess we call folks who do that Data Architects (at least until the
AIA sues someone for misusing the term Architect.)

DBAs also had responsibilities for security and granting access to any
programs which in turn could access data assets of the corporation.

Finally, DBAs had responsibility for setting up JCL and the like for
operators to run.

But I'm not out to start a religious war and I realize that the bulk of
folks with the title DBA manage operational databases these days.

;{ o


PS: If you're familiar with EBS and Noetix Views, that is not a bad example
of the conversion between a detailed E-R diagram and Conceptual Business
Objects. Ideally a corporation has an Information Map for its whole shooting
match that gets rendered into a Conceptual Data Model. But use caution in
asking whether that definition of Conceptual Data Model fits the usage where
you are. (Did I mention religious wars? Avoid them.)

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> This is different from the standard logical/physical models that DBAs 
> normally do.

I don't think that DBAs should be developing logical models or physical
models for that matter. In my mind, that ought to be the domain of the
developer. But, of course, we may wear multiple hats sometimes.

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