RE: Concept clarification - Invalid packages

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:24:34 -0500

OK. I can't believe the production can't handle Oracle errors.

Dumb question. Is this configurable in Business Objects ?
That is can you tell it what action to take upon encountering
an oracle error?=20

At least your BO admin is observant and noticed the errors :-)

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        The application in question is Business Objects, it acknowledges the
error about invalid packages and still returns partial results and lets =
user have them! Surely if an ORA- error comes up, the app should at =
warn the user the data may be not be correct and ask for another run to =

        The changes are not always being made, they are made at a specific
time of day under a change management system. This was noticed by the BO
admin and he wants to know whats wrong with the database and why it's
allowing the partial result set to be sent back to BO!


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