RE: Cluster file systems versus raw devices in Oracle RAC

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We, at Xerox, have site license for Oracle but we had to pay extra for RAC 
licenses. If we want to use partitioning, we will need to license it.

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> about the cost of RAC, you are right.
> I was looking on that as no cost at all because that in large IT
> companies you have a site license for oracle (get every thing you wish
> from oracle) and the cost of oracle tools doesn't get in the cost
> calculation...

Even with site licenses, the company still has to pay for it (and support!) 
Existing site license just makes the decision whether to go with Oracle or 
not a bit easier as there is no hassle aboout getting budget for licenses, 
just buy the server(s) and go.

> ...I think you are the only human on earth that managed to get RAC
> included in site license cost.  Everyone else I've ever heard of has
> had to "buy up".

Kevin is right, as much as I've seen none of the site licenses have had RAC 
included, most of my customers have even had to pay for partitioning extra 
(although discounted) price.

There probably is a handful of exceptions here, but those guys don't coun't 
(hundreds of) thousands anyway...




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