Re: Cloning Oracle versus Installing from OUI

  • From: "K Gopalakrishnan" <kaygopal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: yoursraju007@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 19:46:48 -0700


It is perfectly doable and in fact it is one of the good practice for large
scale deployments. I  have just implemented the CRS cloning (10gR2 RAC) for
a customer (for large scale RAC deployments ) using a mixture of OUI ,
cloing and silent install scripts. I know few customers who deploy oracle as
a package (install like a redhat RPM)  and living happily with that.

Bottom line: It is technically possible and supported. However I would raise
an SR and get an official blessings from OWS .


On 9/28/06, MVR <yoursraju007@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I proposed a plan to make a good working Oracle home(with all the
patches installed) and making an image and using the same image for
all other nodes with the same platform and hardware. The process is
tar, untar them and to run for the home on target node. This
saves us lot of time(for installing 10g R2 using OUI). But my
teammates are not okay with that stating that it may get us some
problems. We have already cloned it for multiple boxes and ZERO
issues. But still people are afraid to put that home in prod.

Any comments?

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