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  • From: Norman Dunbar <oracle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 13:59:14 +0100

Hi Bob,

> So, as part of my upgrade I must move all my client machines (approx
> 400) from a mixture of 9i and 10i to all of them being on 11g.
Do you have any of your clients still using Windows 2000? If so, is the absolute latest release of 11g client that will install 
on 2000. Ask me how I know! :-(

> Anyone have a best practice or best method of doing a mass upgrade?
Not with the numbers you are looking at - sorry.

> Can you even upgrade a client?  Or do you have to uninstall and
> reinstall?
You need to install. There's no need to uninstall but you will end up 
with both clients on PATH at the same time which *can* lead to problems.

Also, if you use Microsoft MDAC components in your applications' 
'talking to Oracle' interface (ADO, ODBC using Microsoft drivers etc) 
then the registry settings at HKLM/software/microsoft/msdtc/MTxOCI will 
need changing to make sure that they pick up the latest client. There 
are three:

OracleOciLib = oci.dll
OracleSqlLib = orasql11.dll
OracleXaLib = oraclient11.dll

(The latter two have the digits one one before the dot!)

If you miss this and have multiple versions of client on PATH then you 
can end up with some dlls loaded from one version and others from 
another. Again, ask me how I know!

Good luck.


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