Clearing stateless events in OEM 12c

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 13:58:06 -0400

Hi List.
I'm building a OEM 12c environment for monitoring and tuning my employers 
databases. This is to replace the old OEM environment we currently 
use. One of many problems I've run into is that in 12c you can't select 
multiple incidents in the incident manager and then clear them all with one 
mouse click. You have to select and clear them one at a time. This becomes a 
problem when you are monitoring things like the alert log for certain ORA- 
errors which can easily produce several hundred incidents before getting picked 
up and fixed.

I opened an SR with Oracle to see if there is a resolution to this problem. 
Their answer was a reference to Doc ID 1454960.1 which suggests using emcli 
calls to clear the incidents. While that's possible it's not very user 
friendly. Does anybody else have experience with this problem? Anybody have a 
different solution? Why wouldn't Oracle just let me search and "shift-select" 
multiple incidents and then just hit the "Clear" button like they did in 10g? 
This seems like a big step backwards.


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