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Rule of thumb, use the most current version if possible, otherwise your
looking at an upgrade in the somewhat near future. 

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Hello all

I need some advice on Oracle version to implement on a new system.
We are going with PeopleSoft CRM software and I need to recommend the 
database version.
This will be heavy duty system that, according to the vendor, will need 
a cluster of 4 computers, with 4 cpus and 8GB of memory each in two 
years time.
The test system needs to build yesterday and the system goes live in 2-3


The system will be on Linux RH ES 3.0.

The Oracle versions are RAC or RAC

We are currently on across the board and I do not know 10g.

What would you recommend? Is 10g ready for prime time RAC configuration,

or should I use


Adar Yechiel
Rechovot, Israel


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