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We do use cruise in our sql server environment.  Builds are
triggered when source code is committed to subversion.  It works well.
Thanks for the suggestion though...


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What about using a continuous build harness like cruise control,
basically it runs continuous builds and will report success and failure
of the build and the resultant testing. If you point a build of your
code to a new application then it will rapidly fail at one step alerting
you to the fact that a particular module has been altered. All other
code is immediately verified to still function to your test suite. If
your test suite is good then it is a simple targeted fix Do a Google
search for "continuous build" to find other suitable tools


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We have a third party application that we've layered our own app
on top of and the vendor periodically changes some functions around when
new releases come out.  In particular a function was recently moved from
one package to another.  They also sometimes change the parameters for a
given function that we rely on.  Our developer is looking for a way to
do some rudimentary unit testing to ensure we know when something has
changed.  The unit tests are being written in C#.  So far we've been
thinking of looking at all_source to check to see if a function is still
in a particular package but we've yet to come up with a good way to
check to see if the parameters have changed.  Anyone got any suggestions
while I continue my search?



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