Re: Changing SYS password

  • From: Natural Join B.V. <>
  • To: pawan.dalmia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 12:35:51 MET

maybe you can even use "connect / as sysdba" without any password?
that means you are too privileged at the operating system level.
in that case, the password doesn't matter.
try a "regular" user account for your testing...

hope this helps, kind regards,


> Hi List,
> I have recently got the handover of Some Production oracle 9i Database. I 
> want to change the SYS password.
> i  used orapwd utility and changed password from P1 to P2 but i am able to 
> connect to sys by both password that is P1(old) as well as P2(new)
> As per Metalink the new password will be in effect after bouncing the db.
> I cant bounce the database but i want that no one should be able to login 
> with old password that is P1.
> How can i do this..My remote _login_ password file is set to 
> exclusive........ 
> Regards
> Pawan Dalmia
> Oracle DBA-Business Intelligence
> Desk-566
> Cell 9819718753
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