• To: "Herring Dave - dherri" <Dave.Herring@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 21:33:01 +0200


> What would be the best way to do this in a non-RAC env?  All that I
> can figure is:
> ALTER SYSTEM RESET db_cache_size SCOPE = memory SID = '<sid>';
> /* Since SCOPE = spfile doesn't work in a non-RAC env as the sid
> value isn't * included within the spfile. */

There is no difference between RAC and non-RAC environment. The part
about the SID is always available. If nothing is specified, which is
common in non-RAC environment, the character "*" is used instead. In a
RAC environment the character "*" is used for most parameters as well.
In fact you use the SID only for those parameters that must be instance

Therefore to remove a parameter for a single instance, or from multiple
instances with RAC, you can use the following statement.

ALTER SYSTEM RESET <parameter> SCOPE=spfile SID='*'

> CREATE pfile FROM spfile;
> /* to make sure any other changes get saved in the pfile, since
> that'll be * used on next instance startup. */
> Then remember to delete line 'db_cache_size = ...' from the pfile
> before
> the next instance bounce, then startup the instance using the pfile.
> CREATE spfile FROM pfile;
> /* so that the spfile is now current with pfile changes. */

i.e. it's not reason to do it in this way...


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