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IMHO, if you want to hire a JUNIOR dba that is because you have the idea =
to give a specific formation to this person, so most that thecnical =
skill, I'd look for attitude skills, I know the person needs some basic =
oracle skills, but most of all, you need to look for a person who is =
really trying to change the word "junior" for "middle" or "senior" on =
his/her resume, on some months/years.

Here are a few sugestions:

Look for the following skills:

- Knowledge on basic oracle concepts (That's what junior's know, is up =
to you determine the level and depth of this point)
- Commitment, (are you aware a dba has to work afterhours or weekend for =
maintenance tasks, backups, etc?)
- Documentation skill, (a dba who knows how to document is an ordered a =
logical thinking person)
- What do you do when you don't know how to solve something? Where do =
you look? What are the steps you follow? What resoruces you know? Who do =
you ask for help?
- Self learning attitude. How do you plan to become a middle-senior DBA?
- Interact and share with team members. (are you a team role player? how =
do you achieve this?)
- Ability to work under pressure. (attitude to deal with many users =
screaming to you when the db is down)
- Pro-active, identify needs and problems and provide solutions. (what =
do you do to achieve this?)


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We are currently starting the process of interviewing/hiring a junior
My boss would like me to come up with a small case study (1/2 hour or
less - no reference materials) to help determine the actual level of
experience the applicants have.
The interview plan is :
Applicant comes in and is given the case study to work on for 1/2
After the 1/2 hour, interview starts.  During the interview, the
applicant will have to present his/her case study.
Does anyone have any ideas on a good simple case study example?
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