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If the owner of the PL/SQL stored object has grants on
cp_owner.cp_table_name only via a role, the query will return no rows
from within PL/SQL because roles are disabled in PL/SQL.

Try granting the owner of the PL/SQL object a direct grant (select is
good enough) on cp_owner.cp_table_name.

Hope that helps,


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This one's got me scratching my head.  So, before I scratch a hole in it

When I execute the below query from SQL*Plus/TOAD/etc, I have no problem
getting the rows back.  But, when placed in a procedure within a
package, it returns no_data_found.

    select *
    from all_indexes
    where 1 = 1
    and owner = upper ( cp_owner )
    and table_name = upper ( cp_table_name )
    order by index_name

We had a similar issue querying all_part_key_columns, but resolved it by
connecting to the schema owner and granting "alter table" to oracle (the
package owner). 
But doing the same for the index has not resolved it.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
Jon Knight

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