Re: Cant bring up cold backup

  • From: Bob <bobmetelsky@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 21:38:54 -0400

Hi Mark and everyone else who has responded, I havent worked on this 
problem over the weekend, much too nice to be inside ;-)

Anyway, its not (should not) be a recovery. This is a simple cold backup 
being brought back to life, using create control file to ( file 
locations). The recover data file seems erroneous to me as the database 
was not in archive log at the time and was shutdown very gracefully. I 
did have these databases in archive log at one time but it has  turned 
off and been restarted several times.

To me this seems like a bug and Ive tried  to restore 2 cold backups 
only to have the same disconnect message, and oracle generates the nasty 
dump file. I have a few long shot suggestions but I wont be working on 
this for a few more days.

Clean shutdown=  no users on the system & shutdown immediate -> database 
Db status at the time of shutdown, no archive log for over 2 months with 
at least 2-3 gracefully shutdown during that time
cold backup = copied and zipped datafile (on ice) to be brought back on 
line using the recreate control file....

oracle and os versions the same 10.3 winxp pro

thanks again for the input  or any other suggestions
Thanks to all others for their suggestions as well, I'll post back once 
this comes front burner


Mark W. Farnham wrote:

> I have little or no experience with recovering noarchivelog databases. (Even
> seems a bit of an oxymoron to me, but maybe that's my problem.)
> How exactly is using a created or backup controlfile preventing complete
> recovery? I understand if he had wrapped online logs
> there would be no source of the all the change deltas, but if the shutdown
> was clean that should not be a problem. Possibly there is
> a definitional problem of what is meant by "clean." And since this is
> recovery, not backup, you've brought in the online logs from the former
> location before that former database was restarted, right?
> It appears from the email that indeed "recovery complete" was reached and
> the error is "host def does not exist." To me that sounds like
> a problem unrelated to an incomplete recovery. Any ORA error identifiers on
> the actual message?
> So two questions:
> 1) Is it correct that created controlfiles will not work for complete
> recovery of relocated cold backups of noarchivelog databases?
> 2) Is there some other problem with this startup?
> At the very least, that is one heckuva misleading error message (if it is
> accurately transcribed and it is indeed related to recovery).
> Now true, it is probably more simple if you're relocating a cold backup to
> include everything. Although the whole create tracefile thing was a bell or
> whistle added to avoid folks having to get the rename datafile syntax right
> and in the exactly right sequence in the recovery startup, so that would
> actually surprise me if it is not supported. I think it would even vary from
> what the fine manuals suggest. Then again, I have little or no experience
> with recovering noarchivelog databases.
> Regards,
> mwf
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> Step 3 is the problem.  Doing this means you must perform incomplete
> recovery, which is probably not what you want.
> After your database is shutdown cleanly, include the controlfiles in
> your cold backup, you should then be able to bring it up on another
> machine using those controlfiles.
> -Mark Bole
> Bob wrote:
>>Oracle on windows xp pro,  noarchivelog database was shutdown
>>  I am trying to bring up a database from a cold backup, Using the same
>>1 - I create the service using oradim -new -sid somename -pfile ....
>>2 - edit the init.ora file to point to the new file locations
>>3 - use a alter database backup control file to trace, edit to point to
> the
>>new datafiles
>>4 - startup nomount, create control file as.... controlfile created
>>5 - alter database open
>>6 - file 1 needs recovery, (recover file 1, media recovery complete)
> repeat
>>files 1- 7
>>7 ERROR--> alter database open, host def does not exist disconnection
> forced
> --
> --

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