Re: CamelCase For Procedures Names

  • From: Stephane Faroult <sfaroult@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: JChirco@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 23:44:11 +0200

On 05/18/2012 11:38 PM, Jeff Chirco wrote:
> I am settling a debate about allowing CamelCase procedure names within a 
> package.
> For example
> Procedure GetOpenProjects()
> Or
> Procedure get_open_projects()
> I am particularly against it and would rather have everything to be  
> lowercase and separated by an underscore but some of my developers, mainly 
> the ones coming from the .Net world prefer it.  What are your thoughts?  Do 
> you allow it or not?  I am the DBA so I have the ultimate decision but I 
> trying to see if I am not being reasonable.  In the .Net world it makes sense 
> but in the database world nothing is case sensitive so I don't feel that it 
> is a good use.
Be consensual. Say yes as long as they agree to put all their CamelCase 
stuff between double quotes to make it case-sensitive - they don't want 
anybody to refer to gETOpenprOJectS(), do they?
Stephane Faroult
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