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Why are the triggers invalid?


Calling SQL*Plus from a extproc seems like overkill.  Why not put these
things into dbms_scheduler and run them from there?  In any case, you
could call SQL*Plus from C using the 'system()' function.  However, this
is extremely insecure and could introduce really bad things into your
environment.  Sounds like redesign time to me.





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   We have an issue where we need to drop and recreate tables, indexes,
triggers, stored procedures, etc.  The programmer involved has contacted
me because they have to do this via a stored procedure.  The reason is
that the tool they are using (Synopsis) isn't easily able to call O/S
scripts.  The problem they are having is in creating the triggers.  The
triggers get created (via an "execute immediate" statement), but are
invalid and the stored procedure returns an error (ora-24344 success
with compilation error).

   My suggestion was to keep the original SQL*Plus scripts and call them
from the stored procedure.  The problem is, I can't figure out how to do
that.  I've found documentation on how to call C and JAVA external
programs, but not SQL*Plus scripts.  I'm sure it can be done, even if
there's a way to call an O/S program (sqlplus) from the stored
procedure, but I can't figure it out and time is running out.


Here are the specifics:


Sun Solaris 10


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