RE: CVE-2012-1675 (Oracle 11gR2 RAC) - Actual Risk?

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Good point Brendon. The risk for an external threat is pretty much minimized 
through a set of security layers such as the Firewall, anti-virus, etc. 
However, the risk still exists internally. Trusting an insider (such as 
non-production user for testing, development, etc.) is important to establish, 
but it doesn't reduce the risk.

The question is, does the insider need access to the sensitive information? 
Testing and development teams can still carry out their duties with masked data 
(realistic, but obfuscated, so it's no longer sensitive).

Major analyst Gartner evaluated masking vendors and came up with a Top 5, might 
want to check that out.

Eren Bayaz
Data Security Consultant 

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I'm not a security expert, but it seems to me there's a significant chance that 
an attacker may be behind your firewall as well - either authorized (e.g. a 
malicious employee, consultant, customer, or other trusted party) or 
unauthorized (a hacker).


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I am in agreement that the actual risk is fairly limited for most instances 
since everyone is behind a firewall these days


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