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  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 14:36:38 -0400

what happens if you changed cs=force?


On 8/2/05, Post, Ethan <Ethan.Post@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Just wanted to share a situation I encountered last week at a site. User 
> were complaining about performance in some conversion/testing environments. 
> I noted that the conversion scripts were hard parsing 4000/minute on a 2 cpu 
> box. I changed QUERY_REWRITE and CURSOR_SHARING to SIMILAR. Parsing dropped 
> to low number but script writer called to complain about slowdown.
>  Investigation showed that the hard parsing SQL looked like...
>  select foo from table where ID=123456789;
>  After parameter changes SQL looked like....
>  select foo from table where substr(ID,:bind,:bind)=:bind;
>  so basically after the change the index in ID was not used because of 
> function but hard parse made SQL look great except and it used index.
>  This was an ODBC application using pass-through to submit SQL to Oracle. 
>  Not sure of others have seen this sort of thing but would be happy to 
> learn more.

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