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Well it has been a while, but back in 8.1.7 Oracle changed things so =
that the analyze did nothing, it only recorded the fact that it had been =
run. The optimization method was changed to so that it was carried out =
at query time to find the token document count.

The object owned by ctxsys were not analyzed, but the =
dr$<your_index_name>$I etc objects created in the application schema =
that owned the text indices were analyzed. As well as  a regular =



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We are just creating CTX type indexes for the first time and I have a
couple of questions.


I know that I need to periodically resync the indexes using the Ctx_ddl
package.  We plan on doing this nightly for now until the apps folks
tell us it needs to be done more often.


I also tried to gather stats on the index, but the stats columns in the
user_indexes view did not get updated.  Is gathering stats on ctx type
indexes a waste of time?  Should I be gathering stats on some CTX tables
instead - like the DR$INDEX_VALUE table where all of the data from the
column is actually stored (this is a big assumption on my part)?





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