RE: CHR(0) ver null

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Lex would have liked that a lot, I'm sure.... J


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Hi Guys:


  Null <> CHR(0).

  In fact NULL is totally imbecile.  Here is a poem I wrote long time


------------------------------------------Ode to Null



It is neither a mountain nor a creek; 

It is neither Latin nor Greek; 

It is neither strong nor weak; 

It is neither courageous nor meek. 


It is neither nothing nor something; 

It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing; 

It is neither a big thing nor a small thing; 

But it is something we have to deal with among all things. 


It is neither a lender nor a borrower; 

It is neither a zero nor a blank; 

It is neither here nor there; 

But, in programming, it is everywhere. 


Oh! NULL, Oh! NULL! 

You are neither a push nor a pull; 

You always make us mull 

Ov'r your dangerous effects, Oh! NULL! 



Ram Srinivasan





On 8/2/07, Thomas Day <tomdaytwo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

This works perfectly fine for me in 10.2


select OWNER, TABLE_NAME from dba_TABLES where owner >= CHR(0)

On the other hand "null" is undefined.  It's not CHR(0).



On 8/2/07, Wojciech Skrzynecki <wojciech.skrzynecki@xxxxxxxxx > wrote: 


What component in DB I have to install to use  ">= CHR(0)" instead of
"is not null" . 

Wojciech Skrzynecki
Database Administrator


Ram Srinivasan
Charlottesville, VA. 

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