RE: CBO irregularity

  • From: Rachel Carmichael <wisernet100@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 08:22:37 -0700 (PDT)


I'm not sure what you're asking... if you want to know if I think a
full refresh of the staging environment from a production backup is a
good idea, yes I do.

Our problem was not that the data was a subset, it wasn't. The
environment itself is not exactly duplicated. In production we have two
database servers, in QA/stage we have one. In production, multiple
applications run on the various app servers and hit the databases at
the same time. In the QA load test, because the servers are smaller
than production, we ran only the application we were porting. And in
QA, without competition, it ran fine.

I do believe that unless QA and production are mirrors, in terms of
hardware as well as software, then you do not have a true QA

I *still* get the "sit down and shut up" response when I say that


--- DENNIS WILLIAMS <DWILLIAMS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rachel
>    Please forgive my question, but I'm still fairly new to this
> 3-ring
> circus. My objective is to refresh the staging environment by
> recovering the
> production backup. This will accomplish two objectives:
>    1) Create an exact duplicate of production.
>    2) Test the production backup, a vital task which never seems to
> get done
> otherwise.
>    I have always been opposed to the idea of staging being a subset
> of the
> production data. While it sounds good in theory, I feel there are too
> many
> problems with this approach. And you can't test your backup.
>    If you see any flaws in my logic, please let me know. Naturally,
> in the
> hurly-burly of the daily life of a DBA, the ideal is not always met.
> If is
> tempting to feel the staging database isn't yet stale so doesn't need
> refreshed immediately, even though the commitment is to refresh it
> before a
> large implementation. The development environment of course is a
> whole
> different issue, usually treated as a developer playground.

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