RE: Bye bye Itanium and HP-UX?

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        OK, personal opinion here.  

        Having had to deal with SUN severs running Solaris in the past I
think that the largest problem for Oracle/SUN comes not from Itanium
chip powered servers as much as it comes from Fujitsu who make look
alike servers to the SUN machines at a significant discount over SUN and
with much higher reliability.  We had 4 brand spanking new SUN servers
that the tech rep replaced everything in except for the cases & they
still would not run for more than an hour.  The Fujitsu machines dropped
into the racks and mimicked HP servers, namely they were rocks in the
datacenter just sitting there doing their job day in and day out

        I call then rocks because when was the last time you had a
problem with a rock, other than location.  Darn reliable aren't they.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Leader

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Hi Guys, if you'd permit me to make one email post: 

HP's side of the story is here - 

If any Oracle on HP-UX customers have concerns, you are welcome to
contact me directly.

Thanks! Regards!

Keith Fahrenfort
Solutions Architect
HP-Oracle Competency Center

Americas Shared Solutions Architecture (SSA)
Hewlett-Packard Company

keithf@xxxxxx / Email

Reach the team at ssa@xxxxxx 

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Of course it isn't gentlemanly,
! HP is handing it out to Oracle in the non x86 server space & Oracle
need to make the Hardware, Software Complete strategy work or the SUN
acquisition is a disaster. Killing all your enterprise software lines
your competition and trash talking their future makes compelling sense
where Oracle are right now.

On 24 Mar 2011 03:59, "Chitale, Hemant Krishnarao"

Whether Itanium is good or bad, whether HP continues with Itanium or not
that Oracle Press Release is a case of Oracle putting words in Intel's

I don't think it is gentlemanly of Oracle to word a Press Release in
such a

Hemant K Chitale


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