Big RAC Benchmark Performance .......issues ........ ?

  • From: "VIVEK_SHARMA" <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mwf@xxxxxxxx>, <panandrao@xxxxxxxxx>, <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <Prashant.Dabadge@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 11:21:35 +0530

Thanks indeed Mark, Ananda, Prashant, Mogens, Cheng, Nial, Folks for the

Mark - There are 16 Disks in 4 LUNs (each LUN contains 4 Disks).
Respective Redo Logs are on an additional LUN.

Batch & OLTP Runs are done separately (NOT mixed).

Due to Time constraints it may NOT be possible to split SAME into 5
pieces as advised.


Qs1 How do we address the following waits?

Qs2 Will these supposedly cause increased CPU Usage of respective DB

From 13 minutes Statspack snapshot :-

Top 5 Timed Events
Avg %Total

wait   Call

Event                                            Waits    Time (s)
(ms)   Time

----------------------------------------- ------------ -----------
------ ------

gc current multi block request                  71,134          36
1   32.0

gc buffer busy                                   1,446          20
14   17.3

gc current block busy                              923          14
15   12.5

gc current grant busy                            4,371           7
2    6.4

gc cr multi block request                       51,490           7
0    5.9


NOTE - Above Statspack corresponds to a Transactions' Run taken without
the Transactions<->Node<->data partition grouping i.e. Transactions are
being directed at random to the 4 nodes & hence transactions on
different nodes would be accessing the Same Table partitions & hence
data BLOCKS.

Next we intend to group the Transactions so that they do NOT access the
same Table partition from the different nodes.

Will provide any info needed, directly.

Thanks indeed

 On 8/1/06, <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:

A 4-node RAC BIG benchmark with Oracle 10g / AIX 5.3L using a Hybrid
Banking App. is underway.




APP & DB machines - P5 series

Application Hybrid - (OLTP + Batch nature of Trans).

Oracle 10.2

AIX 5.3

Filesystem GPFS

Storage Box DS8300

Hardware RAID 1+0

Underlying Hardware Stripe Unit Size 64 KB (S.A.M.E.)

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